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Information Security begins with Network Management

NMS for Security

There is no doubt that information security is one of the main objectives of every organization that rely on an ICT infrastructure. For some organizations, the task of maintaining information security is assigned to dedicated teams not concerned with keeping […]

Poster – Introducing IEEE 802.11ac

The IEEE 802.11 family of standards, marketed under the Wi-Fi brand, has continued to offer users increasingly higher data rates since the late 1990. Published in December 2013, the 802.11ac amendment brought substantial improvements in data rates over its predecessor, […]

Clean up your firewall policy clutter

Your organization’s firewall is the first line-of-defense against cyber-attacks and it is where the implementation of the access policies takes place. In a typical organization firewall policies are constantly changing to respond to various threats and adapt to changes in […]

Behind the Wall: The Internet Is The Computer

Back in the eighties, John Gage of Sun Microsystems coined the phrase, “The network is the computer.” Today, the services made possible by the Internet and our use of them as individuals and organizations affirm John’s statement perhaps in ways […]

Behind the Wall: The Internet is Made of Light

(this is the third post of the series “behind the wall”. Here are the first and second) The Internet is made of light. That is because the Internet’s backbone is mostly made of optical fibre links that guide light pulses […]


Firewalls are the primary defense mechanisms against network security threats. A firewall is a system that can be positioned between any two networks to control the passage of data traffic in and out of these networks. Typically, the two networks […]