IP Address Calculator

This IP Address Calculator is an AndroidTM app that can be used as a tool to design IPv4 and IPv6 addressing plans. It provides information about any unicast IPv4 address, including: the network id portion of the IP address given the mask length, the number of usable host IP addresses within the network, and the first, last and broadcast addresses within the network. The app provides similar support for IPv6 addresses and adds the ability to generate random Global Unicast, Unique Local and Link Local IPv6 addresses. If a MAC address is provided, the App will generate EUI-64 addresses. For each IPv6 address, the app provides the Solicited-Node multicast address.

You can use the IP Address Calculator at work or in school to determine quickly how to subnet an IP network address using a given 32-bit mask for IPv4 or 128-bit prefix length for IPv6. The app also provides notes about the IP address you enter, such as if the address is a Private address according to RFC 1918. The information generated by this app can be shared as text with other apps such as email apps or word processors in your phone or tablet.

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We also suggest some resources that you may find useful, such as this poster explaining IPv6 unicast addresses.

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