Network Consultation

Organizations of all sizes are facing a wave of new IT technologies that promise to boost their business. Implementing these technologies, however, is often a challenge. The number of technologies available and their complexities make finding the right solution – not to mention its implementation – a difficult task. Building efficient and secure network infrastructure is particularly challenging as such infrastructure requires significant capital and operating costs.

For these reasons, businesses tend to seek vendors’ help in assessing their needs and developing the solutions that satisfy their requirements. This approach has the advantages of acquiring integrated products that work will together, dealing with a single support organization, reducing cost for bundled products, and easier training.

The downside of this dependence on the vendors is the possibility of acquiring a solution that is:

  • Too generic or a one-size-fits-all solution that does not consider the customer’s unique requirements or needs, leaving the customer with incomplete solution.
  • Oversized or over-engineered and designed for larger business, forcing the customer to buy and use complex products and services that are not needed.
  • Wrong for the customer’s requirements and includes products features and service bundles that have no real value to the customer. This wastes financial resources that can be used elsewhere.
  • A blend of products that do not include best-in-class technology in each component, preventing the customer from using the best individual product available in the market.
  • Incompatible with current infrastructure. This complicates management, cause vendor lock-in, and hinders future upgrade and improvements.

To avoid these pitfalls, the organization should find a trustworthy, vendor-agnostic partner to help navigate the complexities of technology, propose the right solutions and develop implementation roadmaps. Such a partner will be watching out for the best interest of the customer rather advocating for specific vendor products.

At DynamikNets Technology Solutions, our objective is to be our client’s advocate and trusted technology adviser. We understand that the requirements for each client are unique, so their solutions should be unique as well. Whether our clients are looking to upgrade their network infrastructure to offer new services, strength their cyber-security, integrate with cloud services, or replace outdated technology, we ensure they get the solutions they need. To achieve these goals, we offer the following consultation services:

  • Research future technology solutions, assess options, and compare pricing.
  • Review existing network infrastructure and operating practices, and assess future service readiness.
  • Develop transformation and upgrade strategies and roadmaps that are consistent with business requirements.
  • Create technical requirements and specification that can be translated into RFPs and statement of work (SoW) and evaluate RFP responses.
  • Create vendor agnostic designs and service solutions and develop acceptance tests.
  • Audit and document topology and configuration to support continued management and future developments.

DynamikNets’ team has extensive experience in designing efficient and reliable network infrastructure for prominent organizations in the Maritime provinces. The team has also provided consultation services of the type mentioned here to several organizations in the region. Its former clients list includes major infrastructure operators, municipalities, an academic institution, a non-profit community association and others.

To learn more about what DynamikNets’ team can offer, contact us to discuss your needs.

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